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Simple Product Sourcing

How does it work?

We send you a spreadsheet/form to fill out the client input section and you send it right back to us with your desired specifications. For each product, we will find up to three vetted suppliers.

1 product = 1 unique item search (Ex. water bottle)
1 bundle containing two unique items would be 2 products. (Ex. water bottle + jump rope)
What can you expect?
We send you a form to fill out with specific details about your product. Then you’ll receive the following below:
  1. Quotes from 1-3 suppliers
  2. Initial price negotiation
  3. Supplier contacts
  4. Sample quotes
  5. MOQs
  6. Production times
  7. Your specific details answered
  8. Stats – Net profit, ROI Percentage,
  9. BONUS:
    1. Estimated landed quote price to Los Angeles, USA
    2. Insider details about the service of the supplier

What can you not expect? (The below is available via our concierge package)

  1. Ordering Samples
  2. Final price negotiation
  3. Preparing invoices for you
  4. Packaging options
  5. Preparing the Production
  6. Managing the Production
    1. Help to arrange labels/logo placement in the factory ($.15/per item)
    2. Arrangement of artwork/packaging (artwork, photo costs not included)
  7. Inspection & Quality Control (Third party cost not included)
  8. Product Photography
  9. Shipping & Logistics
    1. Receiving and preparing boxes for Amazon
  10. Weekly status update about your order
  11. Product Reorders

See what you like with the simple sourcing packaging but want us to help with the entire rest of the process to get the product to Amazon?

With each purchase of a simple sourcing package, you can upgrade to the concierge service at 10% off. The concierge service is an A-Z way to streamline and scale your Amazon business. Let us handle the sourcing, logistics, photography, product packaging, and etc.

Focus on what growing your business while we handle the operations!


Want to find an alternative supplier for your product? Or want to find a supplier for a product you are looking for? This is it.


After payment we’ll deliver within 7-10 working days. Sometimes faster. You can then take it from there.


Not sure if a product is feasible? Want to know buying prices and find some suppliers for your product?


Liking the offers and suppliers we sent to you in the report? Take it from here and contact the suppliers or hire us for full service.


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