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Concierge Service

How does it work?

Simple Sourcing + Concierge Service 

We send you a spreadsheet/form to fill out the client input section and you send it right back to us with your desired specifications. For each product, we will find up to three vetted suppliers.

1 product = 1 unique item search (Ex. water bottle)
1 bundle containing two unique items would be 2 products. (Ex. water bottle + jump rope)
  1. Simple sourcing
  2. Ordering Samples
    1. Sample Consolidation
  3. Final price negotiation
  4. Preparing invoices for you
  5. Packaging options
  6. Preparing the Production
  7. Managing the Production
    1. Help to arrange labels/logo placement in the factory ($.10/per item)
    2. Arrangement of artwork/packaging (graphic design costs separate)
  8. Inspection & Quality Control (Third party cost separate)
  9. Product Photography/Videography (Graphic design costs separate)
  10. Shipping & Logistics (Shipping costs separate)
    1. Receiving and preparing boxes for Amazon
  11. Weekly status update about your order
  12. Future Product Reorders are just $99

Also, note that you can always upgrade from simple sourcing package to the Concierge Service!

In the scenario that the first sourcing project metrics don’t work out, we offer at 10% discount on additional simple sourcing until we find you a product. The credit for the concierge service will still remain in your account

The concierge service is an A-Z way to streamline and scale your Amazon business.  Let us get it right the first time by handling the sourcing, logistics, photography, product packaging, and etc!

Focus on what growing your business while we handle the operations!


This package is ideal if you want as little to do with the entire manufacturing process as possible. We’ll take the work of your shoulders and only ask for a few details.


Whether you have small modifications, medium modifications or your complete own design. Choose this package.


We will place the order and contracts in your name to the factory. We’ll apply terms and conditions in your favor with the factory.


Whether you want the goods shipped to your Shopify warehouse or Amazon warehouse or even your garage. We’ll handle logistics for you.


We’ll take care of the entire sourcing process for you as well as documentation, invoices, customs broker, shipping, inspection etc.

Additional information

Concierge Service Credit

1 Product – $999, 3 Products – $2,897 Most Popular, 5 Products – $ 4,697 Best Value


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